Still from TokyoFashion, this girl outfit is supa cute=)) pink, white, even snow white is there!

1. Pink thing is always sweet to wear, but those denim jacket and dark scarf gave a cool impression. This kind combination is cool!

2.Worried bout style but your bag that you want to wear is too small? You can carry a hanbag like this for solution. It’s even look more a attractive!^^

First thing to start my site on F(ashion)riday is ‘j-style’! Is one of my fav style. Japanese sense of fashion is uniqe, free, cute and cool! =)

First picture is from TokyoFashion, it’s her->

1. This outfit is fit for fall!=)) relaxed but cute

2. This sportshoes fit for her casual look. See? Be smart to mix and match your stuff and make your own, girls!

3. This bag is should be in your stuff! Natural colour helps macth in everything you wear~